What is Blended Learning?

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What is Blended Learning?

Blended Learning is a combination of e-Learning with traditional training methods, which maximizes the benefits of both forms.

The form of a traditional meeting is most often used for workshops, group exercises, discussions, and any activities for which direct contact with the trainer or group is indicated or required.

The e-Learning form can be used for introductory purposes or to present the theoretical part of the course, to conduct tests, etc. On the e-Learning platform, you can also use communication modules such as forums and messages, which allow you to stay in touch with participants between fixed meetings.

There are many options for incorporating e-Learning into the whole blended training process, for example:

  • e-Learning prior to stationary training – can be used to conduct a pre-test to check the level of the participants’ knowledge, or to present the theoretical introductory material on a topic that will later be developed during stationary training.
  • e-Learning following stationary training – can be used to provide access to training materials with the possibility for revision, to carry out the final knowledge test, to enable post-training contact between the trainer and participants, to add content at a later time, and to inform participants about updates.
  • e-Learning between stationary meetings in a training project – can be used as a combination of the options described above, both as an introduction to further modules, as well as to carry out pre-tests/post-tests, distribute materials, and enable communication between the trainer and participants and between the participants via the forum.

The range of possibilities for creation of mixed training is very broad and it all depends on the needs and specifics of the training project in question. If you need help in planning training with the use of blended learning and with the choice of supportive tools (like an e-Learning platform with relevant functionalities), please feel free to contact us.

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