Each organization has its own set of needs and requirements.  We in turn offer several platforms and their versions with options and additional services. Therefore, we prepare tailor-made pricing for the selected solutions and in relation to the customer’s needs.

Answering the following questions will be of great help to us while preparing an offer:

  • What is the platform intended for (e.g. in-house training, selling courses)?
  • What functionalities do you need? If you already have one of the platforms offered by our company or a similar version, tell us. This will reduce the scope of selection and accelerate the valuation process.
  • What number of users will be supported by the platform? Provide an exact or approximate number if able to be determined. How many users will use the platform per month, in the case of a lease model?
  • What platform model do you want to use (lease/implementation)?
  • Do you have any additional needs for services beyond the basic offer (such as technical or visual adaptation, integration, course preparation)?

If you do not currently have the information to answer all of the questions, simply send us a contact message and we will do our best to help you.

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