PortaLMS is a system that combines the functions of an e-learning platform, a website, and a store to sell courses.

The major advantage of the PortaLMS platform is that it offers great flexibility in terms of visual adaptation as well as a wide array of accessories that allow for the expansion of portal functions (the website and the elements supporting its promotion). The advanced sales module with multiple extension capabilities creates opportunities for promotion, selling, and provision of products such as online courses (multimedia, video, text, files, etc.), content, downloads, webinars, training, and events.

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Who does the PortaLMS platform serve?

PortaLMS works well as a visually appealing, web-based learning system (with rich and easy to customize features), and it is useful for selling digital products (online courses, video, content, files, webinars and many more). Such needs are most common among companies engaged in training (training providers, language schools, etc.) or in firms that want to sell access to their knowledge, e.g. through online courses.

Due to its distinctive features, the platform will also work very well as an e-learning platform with robust social functions and gamification capabilities.

Why PortaLMS?

PortaLMS with advanced ecommerce module, helps with creating a platform to promote and sell products like:

  • E-learning courses  (SCORM)
  • Digital files

  • Online (and offline) video

  • Content access

  • Webinars

  • Products like DVD, printed materials etc.

  • Trainings and events

Features and functionalities

The following list outlines some of the functionalities available within the PortaLMS platform, along with a brief description. However, the possibilities are much broader. Thus, if you would like to get acquainted with them, please contact us.
It is also possible to expand the scope of functionality in available modules or by creating dedicated ones. Moreover, the system is designed with security modules, search engine optimization modules, backup modules, content editors, a blog module, and many other useful tools for running a web portal.

Advanced sales opportunities: one-time prices, subscriptions, invoices, discount codes, various payment methods.

Hundreds of add-ons, templates, extensions, integrations, and language translations which give you tremendous customization options.

Choose from a variety of ready-made graphic templates. The system is mobile-friendly (responsive).

Course structure is divided into courses, lessons, topics, quizzes, and categories.

Available templates and features present the opportunity to build a social networking site for participants.

Eight types of test questions with multiple settings.

You can set awards and certifications that users will receive based on their performance and activity.

Plan your lessons depending on your needs.

Access is automatically disabled after a specified amount of time.

Implement an advanced multimedia course creator, which allows course creation at the platform level.

Private or public forums for particular courses.

Set the minimum amount of time that a user must spend in a lesson.

Create a course, a lesson, or a test based on particular template settings.

User profile allows tracking of your own activity and progress.

Reports show users’ progress in courses and tests.

Assign users to groups for easier management.

Create individual notifications to facilitate communication.

Video, SCORM files (Articulate, Adobe), pictures, audio, and much more.

The platform offers a wide range of integration possibilities, including technologies for connections (API, LDAP, SSO, etc.) and ready integration with a large number of external systems and tools.

Support on every stage

Complex technical implementation of LMS on the server designated by the customer. The implementation includes all activities provided from the moment a decision is made to use the platform (usually formalized by contract) until it is fully launched on the designated server. The range of activities includes identification of needs, system installation, proper configuration of settings, customization of used phrases, platform branding, support for import of accounts, and others.

We carry out special adaptation jobs to deal with client needs, among others, in relation to the graphic template and its implementation, changes in appearance, integration with other systems, customization, and extension of functionalities. These adaptations can be done during or after the implementation.

Technical support for system administrators is available for several models depending on preferences and needs. As a part of technical support, we offer remote assistance to system administrators for proper use of the system or for any problem-solving issues that may arise. Implementation services, leasing, or licensing is provided with the appropriate type of warranty and technical support package. Sometimes customers require technical support on an individual basis and in various ranges. Therefore, in order to maintain customer-oriented flexibility, we offer additional support options. More information is available later in the offer.

We ensure proper training in the use of Skilltom LMS. The scope of the training mainly covers the functionalities of the platform for all three types of users, as well as the practical use of the platform. Before training, we conduct a conversation with the customer to identify their needs in terms of the platform, so that we can discuss and present some practical cases that may be helpful in future use of the platform. Training is mostly carried out in a traditional way, in a room with computers. Alternatively, training can also be conducted online. These issues are set individually. Training ensures more efficient and better use of the platform capabilities by the platform managers. As a result, this will facilitate easy implementation of the platform in the organization and increase the likelihood of success.

Consulting services regarding the needs of the organization are necessary to determine and conduct an appropriate process of implementation in terms of adjustments and effective use of the system.

Demo request

Contact us to receive full offer and demo access

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Deployment models

The e-Learning platform is available in several models, including hosted and implementation models. It is also possible to provide a flexible model depending on your specific needs (such as hosting a dedicated platform). The lease and implementation models are described to the right.


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