Main advantages and benefits of e-Learning

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Main advantages and benefits of e-Learning

The use of e-Learning can bring many benefits to both the organization and the recipient of the content itself (Participant). A few advantages are presented below, but in practice there may be many more:

Cost-effectiveness – saving money

The prepared course can be distributed as long as it is useful, to an unlimited number of users, at a much lower cost when compared to stationary training. Typically, the main investment cost is incurred at the beginning, but the subsequent use of the course results in a decrease of the user’s unit costs due to economies of scale. Generally, the more people use e-Learning or the broader the reach, the greater the cost savings. There is no need for commuting, accommodation, room rental, or the reduction of delegation costs. These are yet more examples of cost savings when compared to traditional training methods.

Time efficiency – time-saving

No need to commute to the place of training; the opportunity to participate in training at any time, with quick access to new content, is a built-in feature.

Possibility to attend classes at any time and place

The Participant can access the content at any time (which allows access to course content very quickly), from any place where they have the right electronic tools such as a tablet or a computer with access to the internet.

Possibility to distribute content across a wide area in short time

The Trainer who prepares the training content can post it on the platform and make it available in a short time for users all over the world. This allows for extremely fast and wide distribution of content, which is much more difficult to achieve in the traditional training model.

Possibility to facilitate testing and collect activity reports

With e-Learning, a large number of knowledge-based tests and the collection of result reports can be carried out. There is also ongoing access to progress reportsand activities in the e-Learning training platform.

The above benefits list is not comprehensive, as in practice there may be many additional benefits. It should also be noted that each organization, depending on its size, industry sector, etc., will benefit from e-Learning in a different way.

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