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E-Learning is a form of knowledge acquisition that employs new technologies in the teaching process, mainly in a multimedia format.

We develop e-Learning courses that are effective solutions for organizations that need to:

  • Train large numbers of employees, especially those located in geographically dispersed areas (e.g. branch offices);
  • Integrate new employees by providing them with necessary knowledge regarding the scope of specific tasks they need to perform in their position, or knowledge of the functioning of the company;
  • Make changes to the organization and provide training in terms of new rules and procedures;
  • Introduce new products to the organization or carry out training on the current products;
  • Educate employees in new or existing IT tools and applications;
  • Improve soft competency and the general development of, or the specific skillset of a particular group of employees, e.g. related to sales;
  • Train employees or business partners in any area of cooperation.

E-Learning courses combine, in a modern way, a multimedia format with high-quality training and/or learning content presented mostly through various screens.

The choice of the type of learning depends on many factors, including subject matter, target audience, expected effects, and budget. One e-Learning implementation may also consist of different elements specific to a particular model. The basic models of e-Learning implemented by our company are presented below. However, we do not limit our services to conventional forms. In selected cases, we propose the implementation of non-standard courses, specifically tailored to customer needs. The basic learning forms most commonly used in our projects include:

  • Rapid e-learning
  • e-Learning standard courses
  • Computer application courses
  • Multimedia games
  • Tests, quizzes

Applied technology

We create e-Learning courses based on the best tools available. They allow for the creation of various forms of teaching and learning, such as the above-mentioned functions, including games, interactions, animations, etc.
Specific technological aspects of the platform are customized with the client, and choices depend on the client’s preferences or project needs (e.g. training on HTML5 or Flash, SCORM version, etc.).

Additional information:

  • Courses can be carried out on the basis of materials provided by the client or on the basis of the content produced by trainers and experts cooperating with our company.
  • Each course is prepared according to the latest applicable SCORM standards.
  • Courses can be placed on our e-Learning platform, made available on the customer LMS platform, or in the form of CD-ROMs.
  • The e-Learning course can be combined with traditional learning to create a mixed mode of learning, or blended learning.

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