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Skilltom is a provider of e-Learning solutions and learning management systems.
Our team has over 10-years of experience in the distance learning industry, which has enabled us to be appropriate partners in many e-Learning, IT and training projects. Our core product is a learning management system with a wide range of associated services such as implementation, hosting, customization, integration, technical support, consulting, etc.

The main principle of our company’s relationship with the customers are their needs related to the project. We recommend and provide our customers with the most innovative solutions on the market that meet the project requirements. Our full offer and our approach allow us to provide outsourcing services for learning processes and deliver significant value to our customers.

We provide our services to clients around the world, mainly in Europe and North America.

“Our mission is to provide the best value in terms of efficiency and availability of training.”

Our values

In every project, we focus on efficiency and effectiveness in terms of the value offered to customers.
Customer needs are crucial for us and we focus on maximizing the value delivered to our customers.
We keep track of any trends and analyze every project in order to continually improve our skills.
We apply the best solutions available on the market, which are often innovative in the industry. We are regularly looking for both technical and organizational innovations which allow us to deliver high value to our customers.